Nomination Requirements

All submissions must include a completed Champions of Health Nomination Form. The nomination form consists of two areas: the Nominee Contact Information and the Nomination Summary Information. It is allowable for the nominator to include a testimonial or outside endorsement; however, this is optional and not a requirement for submission.

Nomination Form
Select the appropriate award category - only one category can be selected for each entry - and type of nomination. Duplicate entries will not be considered.

Nominee Contact Information
Include the name of the person, group or program being nominated. List the company or organization name and a contact person, along with the mailing address, email address and phone number.

Nomination Summary Information
Prepare a written narrative describing how the nominee has made a difference in the health of Oklahomans by answering each individual question listed below. Maximum character limitations for each question are noted.

  1. Overview of Nominee (750 character limit)
  2. Purpose of the program (1,000 character limit)
  3. Desired outcomes (1,000 character limit)
  4. Populations served (500 character limit)
  5. Success of the program (1,000 character limit
  6. Sustainment of program (500 character limit)
  7. Use of future grant money (500 character limit
  8. Replication of the program (500 character limit)

Optional: Testimonial or Outside Endorsement
Include a short testimonial or an outside endorsement about the nominee. (Limit 500 characters)

No samples or attachments will be considered by the judges. Please do not include such materials in the nomination submission.

Entries cannot be returned.