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Why Champions of Health?

Welcome to the Champions of Health website, your resource for nomination and event information.

The Champions of Health program celebrates people and organizations that are making a positive impact on the health of our state through innovative programs.

Learn more about the 2020 Champions of Health virtual event.

In 2004, Oklahoma faced a shocking grade in the State Board of Health's annual study that evaluates Oklahoma on key health indicators.

Between 1990 and 2002, Oklahoma was the only state in the United States that saw a drop in overall health. Oklahoma had taken a big step backward and its residents had become increasingly less healthy.

The Champions of Health awards were launched with the idea that Oklahoma can do better. The program recognizes those that are doing good work and those that are creating programs that can be used in other communities to change the health of even more Oklahomans. Champions of Health seeks to "move the needle" by forming partnerships to help solve Oklahoma's health issues.

About the Oklahoma Caring Foundation

Proceeds from the Champions of Health Gala benefits the Oklahoma Caring Foundation, Inc. , a 501c3 organization providing basic health care needs to Oklahoma children, with an emphasis on providing free childhood immunizations.

Learn more about the Oklahoma Caring Foundation.

Oklahoma's Health Ranking

National health rankings give insight into what is hurting the health of the people of Oklahoma. Oklahoma ranks…

  • 43rd in the nation for overall health
  • 48th in the nation for lack of health insurance
  • 41st in the nation for diabetes diagnoses
  • 48th in the nation for cardiovascular deaths
  • 34th in the nation for immunization coverage in adolescents
  • 42nd in the nation for immunization coverage in children
  • 36th in the nation for percentage of adults who smoke
  • 42nd in the nation in obesity
  • 47th in the nation for infant mortality

Source: America’s Health Rankings: 2017 Report

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